Israel Dedicated Server

Searching for a cheap and reliable hosting server to host your heavy website? Onlive Server presents you an affordable Israel Dedicated Server Hosting with maximum performance and scalability. We offer you many features like unmetered bandwidth facility, HDD storage of data, enhanced data privatization, firewall safeguard that protects your server from unauthorized access and malicious programs, outstanding technical experts, and many more. Our cheap dedicated server hosting in Israel is fully managed and completely customizable in nature. This gives you access to customize according to your particular needs. You can easily handle high traffic on your website with the use of our hosting server.

Israel Dedicated Server Hosting

Our Israel dedicated server hosting price starts from just $169/month. We offer different plans ranging from small, medium to large scale business. You can select any of them that can meet your business needs.

We, Israel dedicated server hosting provider present your server with Dual Intel Xeon X5650 processor, up to 12 Cores, up to 2.66 GHz frequency, up to 32 GB RAM, up to 2000 GB SATA primary drives as well as secondary drives, up to 1 Gbps private bandwidth,, Up to 29 IPs range, choice of operating system i.e. Windows or Linux, control panel facility, data center and many more. For clients ease, we provide you our own data center nearby your location for high network uptime guarantee.

24/7 Outstanding Support

You are not required to focus on physically introducing and designing a firewall safeguard for your server as everything is handled by our by our experts and backups are created ar regular time intervals. Our Israel dedicated server hosting company has a team of knowledgeable experts who keep track of your server all day and night. In case of any server issue, they fix it within no time. You can always reach us via telephone or email