cPanel Web Hosting

Amazing cPanel Web Hosting by Onlive Server

cPanel Web Hosting is an online Linux-based graphical interface(GUI) used as a control panel and automation tools create to simplify the process of hosting a website to the website owner or the “end-user”. cPanel is used for many basic tasks every day such as email administration and management.

Features of cPanel-

  1. MANAGE FTP ACCOUNTS– File Transfer Protocol(FTP) is a protocol that enables users to upload and download files, create or delete them. FTP account will get created within cPanel automatically, after you sign up for cPanel web hosting. With cPanel, you can decide the level of access to be given to a particular user by allocate that user to a specific directory.
  2. STRONG DATABASE SUPPORT–  It supports your website with a solid database management system.
  3. ADD MULTIPLE DOMAINS– It allows you to add multiple domains and edit the zone files of the domains by modifying their records. In case you want users to browse your website with different domain name.
  4.  MANAGE YOUR EMAILS EASILY–   Managing your emails becomes easy with cPanel web hosting. It  is possible to create edit or remove email accounts with cPanel. You can modify password, set the mailbox and configure your mailbox with your preferred client such as Outlook. Emails can also filtered as per your requirement and you can also forward emails to the people you want.


  1. COMPLETE CONTROL ON APPLICATIONS– You get complete over  the software and hardware  applications with it. It allows you to shut down your server from a distant location and restart your operating system. If you select VPS hosting, along with cPanel  you get WEB HOST MANAGER(WHM) while if you select reseller  hosting you get WHMCS with the panel.
  2. COST EFFECTIVE AS COMPARED TO WINDOWS– This is one of the reason  for people preferring cPanel rather than other control panels.


cPanel is easy to use dashboard most web has given to make it simple for their clients to deal with their web facilitating accounts. Utilizing cPanel for WordPress Hosting, webpage proprietors can deal with their WordPress sites, email accounts, space names, and so on When you are finished with this manual for cPanel, you will have a profound comprehension of the subject, regardless of whether you have never dealt with a site.