The company now providing AWS web service with a wide range of specification. The product name for the first automated service that AWS performs for customers. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This is where AWS groups its virtual resources into instances of virtual machines and places these instances in positions that the customer chooses best for their applications.

Initially, the configurations of EC2 instances where the real physical servers. You have selected an instance that best matches the characteristics of the server that was typically purchased, installed and managed in your organization to run the application intended for you. Nowadays, an EC2 instance can be almost fanciful and configured like no server in the world has ever done. Since virtual servers today cover essentially the entire web services sector, it doesn’t matter that there is no correspondence with reality. Search the vast AWS catalog and choose the number of processors, local storage, local storage, connectivity and bandwidth needed for your applications. And if this is more than a real server, then?

So pay the resources used by the instance literally per second. If the application, you are planning is very extensive. For example, in a multiplayer game, you can reasonably estimate the cost of delivering the AWS game to each player and charge a subscription fee that you can charge to that player with whom you earn a respectable profit.

Elastic Containers Service

With virtual machines, organizations could offer functionality over the Internet without changing the architecture of their applications. They still believe they are running on a production server.

In recent years, a new vehicle for packaging functionality has emerged, which is much better suited for cloud-based implementation. It was called “Docker Container” after the company first developed an automated mechanism for deployment on a cloud platform (although the name was “.Cloud” at the time). Today, with so many parties interested in success, and even the English language has no more words, this package is called just a container.

Elastic Container Service (ECS)

AWS’s ability to deliver applications via containers instead of virtual machines is the Elastic Container Service (ECS). Here the business model can be completely different from EC2.