Find Available Domain

What If You Cannot Find Available Domain?

To Find Available Domain is a major part of the hassle and the struggle that goes into running a business in this digital era. You successfully select the perfect domain name for your business. You even design the business cards and start off with all the official paperwork. If tell everyone about your business and its name. But the moment you are online for registering the domain name, you find something really horrible. The name you thought would be perfect for your business is already taken. Now what? What do you do know?

Find Available Domain

Will you like to give up the perfect domain name? Will you be modifying it? Or will you think of adding a couple of random underscores or dashes? Or will you make the choice of a weird ending for your domain name? Remember, this will be a very tough situation for you to face as the owner of a business. The situation has the power of bringing your progress right to a halt. It might even lead you to rethink your whole business or brand. Hence the question: what to do if your perfect domain name is taken away.

No, you cannot come up with an instant domain search. It will not be feasible for your business. Remember, your domain name is one of the major parts of your business’s SEO campaign, and it might affect the same in a huge way. Making one major or minor misstep with the domain name can have a negative effect on your SEO efforts, and that too for the long term.

Techniques You Can Use If Your Perfect Domain Name Is Taken

If you cannot find available domain of your choice, there are a number of techniques you can use for bringing things together. You must already know that a huge amount of buyer or potential client traffic coming to your site is basically the users searching for your brand name. This is known as navigational search. And this is one of the most important reasons why it is always a good idea to use the name of your brand as your business URL.

But if you cannot, there is nothing for you to worry about as there are several alternatives that can work. The techniques that will work for you are as follows:

Try Buying the Domain

This is a very simple tip, but there are many individuals who do not consider this. What many individuals and businesses do is try to find available domain names of their choice on the registrar site, see that it is already taken, and then just give up. Nevertheless, this does not have to be the case always.

There are caveats to this.

To start with, not every individual or business owner works with huge capital. There are many businesses operating on a shoestring budget. If things work out for you, you can buy a new, inactive, or expired domain name. If you find that someone owns a domain name but is not using it, then you can buy the same for a very affordable price. In these circumstances, you can always get in touch with the owner of the site directly and work on the process of buying their domain name. You can even hire the services of a domain name broker for this purpose. But remember, you must have a huge budget for this purpose.

Add Any Verb to the Domain Name

When carrying out an instant domain search, it is quite likely to come across the fact that your preferred domain name has already been taken. You can try adding a verb to your preferred domain name. This is one of the most popular ways of getting around with a domain name that has already been taken.

There are a couple of advantages of this technique. The first advantage is that you still get the scope of using the name of your brand in the URL. And the second is that you do not need to consider varied weird domain name endings. Verbs like “try” and “get” are some of the most popular choices when it comes to adding verbs to domain names. And yes, these even look nicer in comparison to the alternative TLDs, and people can also remember them very easily.

Extend Brand in the URL

This entails including the name of the product or the service in the URL. This will be a natural extension of the brand, and it works by preserving the trustworthiness of the user in the URL.

Here the catch is that you have to ensure you do not use almost any old word for extending the brand. Make sure the word you are using as an extension of your brand is relevant. And it says something about the business you are doing.

The trick here is considering related words. That can be added to the brand name without making any sacrifices on the naturalness, meaning of the domain name. This technique can serve as your best bet, especially if you are running after a .com domain name and are looking to keep the name of your brand in the URL. Your Instant Domain Search motive will also prove to be useful when you go for this technique.


To find available domain is not a big factor as long as you are able to carry out instant domain search in the most instrumental manner. Finding the perfect .com domain name is not that easy these days, considering the huge competition everywhere. For now, if you are not getting the .com domain name, it’s fine; you can use the above strategies to your advantage.