Managed Dedicated Server

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Onlive Server is one of the top and best Managed Dedicated Server hosting providers. We offer one of the best performings Managed Dedicated Server to use the latest technology, we use the best virtualization platform such as KVM, cPanel, and VMW are managed. We also offer better protection and we also make sure your website optimization too. For all of these reasons, Onlive Server is now a very popular and also recommended Server hosting solution in India. Our expert support team will handle all Server related activities – initial setup, conservation, proactive monitoring, and serve you as per your needs. If you are looking for the Best Dedicated Server you choose our Managed Dedicated Server Hosting from Onlive Server.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

High-Speed Performance – For High Speed, Managed Dedicated Server is an option that provides high-speed Internet speed high-performance. Server Hosting services are featured with standard support and performance monitoring more secure, including data backup servers to monitor your server’s activity remotely.

High Bandwidth – It is not at all an issue. You can appreciate your needs and choose the perfect package that offers unlimited bandwidth according to your hosting needs. The client can assess better bandwidth options according to their needs which are best suitable for requirements.

Full Root Access – A dedicated Server Hosting is a service for those who require more than standard virtual hosting. The benefit of Server Hosting is that you get root access to the system.

Control Panel – Onlive Server offers you to use cPanel (control panel), which makes maintaining your website simple and convenient.  Over the years, the control panel has evolved into a powerful tool for hosting and reselling. The Onlive Server offers you to use cPanel (control panel), which makes maintaining your website simple and convenient.

Scalability – With scalability you can provide to your customers not only a few hosting packages but additional hosting services and personal applications to be used by your clients. It is convenient and available.

Get Full Opportunity for Your Sites

The Onlive Server Technology is all about giving you the full opportunity for your sites. With the technology, it is super-easy to install and grow your sites with dynamic content or even run an internet business right off your server. It gives you the flexibility to change the server’s assets as they extend without any additional charges.

Importance Of Dedicated Server Hosting for Business

When it comes to getting server space for your business, you’re able to select from shared hosting, virtual dedicated hosting, or Dedicated Server Hosting. If you have the budget, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is actually the best option because it provides you full control over your server. It also comes with its own operating system complete with 24 x 7 technical support.

Is it possible to upgrade my Dedicated Server?

Yes, You can upgrade your servers from any regular package, as well as from a business package with a larger number of servers.  You cannot downgrade your server.  Should you lose the connection to your server, please contact your hosting provider, they have the skills and knowledge to help with this issue.

Fully Managed Support & Services

We do not only give you hosting servers but are also very careful about their maintenance. We always want to provide to our customers higher services from our side. Whether you are new to the world of online business or you are a small or medium scale business owner

Do you provide a Backup facility?

We will provide you with high-security backup services with an easy and efficient interface to track your data. Our qualified team of professionals will keep your information safe and secure along with our latest technologies.