Best Dedicated Server Hosting For Games

Israel Server offers a complete, integrated, and secure infrastructure for all types of hosting plans.

Game Dedicated Server Hosting

We offer low-cost Dedicated Game Server solutions with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It is the most popular web hosting framework, in which the server serves a single customer or company. Our hosting platform offers our customers the most complete control, scalability, and flexibility.

Our robust dedicated servers can be easily configured and controlled remotely from your company. We provide budget hosting services to millions of customers. Thanks to the latest generation data centers compatible with the Tier III architecture. Get Intel Xeon X3430 – 4C / 8T / 4.40 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, and 500 GB of HDD with our baseline, available at just $199/month.

Game Dedicated Server Plan

Processor / Cores / Threads / RAM / Space
Israel Dedicated Server – DSX1 – Intel Xeon X3430 – 4c/8t/4.40GHz, 16GB RAM, 500GB HDD
Israel Dedicated Server – DSX2 – 2xIntel Xeon E5-2609 – 8c/8t/2.40GHz, 32GB RAM, 1TB HDD
Israel Dedicated Server – DSX3 – 4xIntel Xeon E7-4850 – 40c/80t/2.0GHz, 64GB RAM, 2x400GB SSD

Dedicated Gaming Server Build

Our dedicated technical staff team are monitored 24 hours a day and use only high-performance hardware and SSD hard drives. As well as which are 10 times faster
than traditional hard drives.

Game Server Hosting

Get 1 core, 1 GB of RAM, 30 GB of HDD, and 1000 GB of bandwidth with our basic VPS KVM plan, which only costs $40/ Month.

Fast and high quality technical support 24 * 7

If you need technical support for your gaming dedicated server in Israel, then we’re here for you. We are always happy to help you with any questions. The Onlive server is proud of its support, so you can count on us for your back.

A dedicated server is a server that has been set up specifically for your business by the hosting provider. This means that the server will be dedicated to your needs, and any other work done by the hosting provider will not affect the performance of your site.

We offer our customers full flexibility to choose the desired configurations as well as customize their plans. Through the hardware and the customized tools to competitively support current and futuristic business needs.


The Latest Hardware
Gamers don’t want adequate performance. Adequate doesn’t cut it when every second counts. As a GSP, you need to be able to deliver the best performance that only modern technology can offer, and you can’t give them what they want with outdated dedicated servers, three-year-old processors, and slow hard drives. Dedicated Gaming Servers are built for exceptional performance. Each component of our servers such as blazing-fast SSD disks is meticulously selected to ensure that Israelservers clients can offer consistently high performance to gamers.

Ultra-Low Latency
Game Servers can keep up with the most resource-intensive applications, tearing through workloads and managing a large number of players. But that performance is wasted if the network can’t keep up. We’ve all experienced the frustration of stuttering gameplay and laggy updates because of network bottlenecks. Our networks are optimized for the lowest possible latencies with multiple redundant routes to the biggest bandwidth providers in the world. We can push huge amounts of data through our 300 Gbps network and out onto low-latency routes that ensure consistently low ping rates.

Global Connectivity
We can equip you with high-performance hardware and unbeatable network performance, but we can’t beat the laws of physics. Distance means latency. If there’s an ocean or a continent between your game server and a customer, the gameplay suffers. The solution is to put your game hosting servers near the gamers who use them, and that’s why a Dedicated Game Server rental can be deployed in data centers. Choose the location that’s best for your business, and get the same excellent performance, latency, and support.

World Class Support
Have you ever been showered with complaints from gamers angry that your hardware is down or laggy? You fire off an urgent email to the hosting provider. Then you wait, and you keep waiting for an hour, a day, a couple of days as your inbox fills up with complaints and gamers go elsewhere.

That doesn’t happen at Israelservers. Our support technicians are on-site round the clock. Pick up the phone, drop us an email, or create a ticket — we’ll get back to you in 15 minutes guaranteed.


Ans. It allows players to have a smooth and stable gaming experience with low latency and minimal lag. It also allows game developers to have greater control over the game environment and rules.

Ans. Setting up a dedicated server can vary depending on the game and the operating system being used. Some games provide dedicated server software that can be downloaded and installed, while others may require manual configuration of the server.

Ans. Yes, you can host a server on your own computer, but it may not be powerful enough to handle a large number of players or handle the demands of the game. It is recommended to use a dedicated server provider or a specialized hosting service.

Ans. Players typically connect to a dedicated server by entering the server’s IP address and port number into the game’s server browser or through a direct connect option in the game’s menu.

Ans. Yes, it allows game developers and server administrators to customize the game environment and rules, such as modifying game maps, changing game modes, and adjusting server settings.

Ans. Yes, it is possible to host multiple game servers, but it may depend on the hardware specifications and the demands of the games being run.

Ans. It can be managed and monitored through the use of specialized server management software or through remote access to the server. This allows for tasks such as starting and stopping the server, viewing server logs, and adjusting server settings to be performed remotely.