cloud hosting

Choosing the Best Cloud Hosting Provider

For the ones who are on the lookout of increasing traffic on their business website, it would be a great idea to switch to a cheap Linux Cloud Hosting provider.

Why Cloud Hosting?

The business world of the present times is where hundreds of businesses are clamoring for potential clients and customers. Therefore, it is necessary for the website of every company to stand out from the others. Here the very first thing that we will be doing is we will have a look at the things that can be achieved by going for Cheap Cloud Hosting or virtual private server. Chances are your business site has grown at a very fast pace, and it is no longer able to do up with a shared hosting server. Your site might even be facing slowdowns in times of traffic spikes. All these issues call for an immediate switch to Cloud Hosting.

Onlive Server will offer you more control on your site along with features like storage space distributions and control panel.Other businesses make the choice of the best Cloud Hosting provider because of the security and the safety that the servers offer as opposed to shared servers. On shared servers, all the sites are hosted on a single server. The sites on the server need to share spaces and resources, which ultimately opens the websites to different forms of data breaches. For the ones who are completely sure regarding their requirement to upgrade, a virtual private server comes as the perfect middle path between dedicated and shared servers. It comes with several options but generally costs less in comparison to dedicated servers.

Features of the Best Cloud Hosting Provider

The ones who are quite serious about making the big switch, it is necessary to be aware of some important features they need to look out for in their Cloud Hosting providers. The features are as follows:
• There is hardly any business that requires a hosting provider or server that is offline or down frequently. The majority of the hosting providers will offer guarantees of uptime but will cost you a lot of money. Here, the most important things are if you are paying for a 99.99% uptime guarantee, then you must not settle for anything less than this. If you are going even for a 99.95% uptime guarantee, it would mean you would not be able to run your business website in a stable way.
• Yet another significant point you should definitely talk about with your hosting provider is whether your Cloud Hosting server will be managed or unmanaged. Managed Cloud Hosting will not give you complete control on the site, and you will have the provider maintaining the server and updating it as well. Unmanaged servers are where everything will be under your control. Nevertheless, unmanaged servers are only for individuals who are comfortable in using technology. If you do not have good technical skills, it is better to leave server management to experts.

Some frequently asked questions about cheap virtual private server are as follows:

1. Is Cloud Hosting perfect for my site?
Yes, it will be suitable for your site in the majority of the cases. Cloud Hosting will be the perfect option for you if you have a simple business blog or website that has grown over time.
2. Will I be able to get cheap Cloud Hosting solutions?
Continuing with the same hosting provider for years will definitely keep the price down.
3. What if I want to upgrade?
You have the option of upgrading to a dedicated server if your site requires the same.
4. Do I get an SSL Certificate?
Yes, the majority of the providers offer SSL certificates in addition to their hosting packages.
5. What about the control panel I will be getting?
You will be getting control panel options like Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin.