CPanel Web Hosting

cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel hosting is a shared hosting service that stores multiple websites on a single server. Each website shares the server’s resources disk space, data transfer, CPU, memory, etc. Cpanel Web Hosting, as the name suggests, is a web-based control panel used to manage Linux or Windows-based web servers or servers. Rather As we talk about it, you are bound to learn new things. Cpanel Hosting allows users to control email addresses, domain names, databases, different versions of PHP, and almost every aspect of a web server. Allowing all hosted services to be managed in one place.

Onlive Server provides a wide range of cPanel web Hosting solutions at the lowest prices. This is the best choice for people who look for a cheap and reliable web hosting solution. Web Hosting is a great alternative to popular Cpanel Hosting solutions. Because it offers all the advantages of a Reseller platform with complete control over your data. Cpanel web hosting enables you to create sub-packages within the Disk Space and Bandwidth allocated with your main package. You can also use a web hosting manager to create custom packages for your clients.

Why choose cPanel web Hosting?

CPanel is a customizable control panel that has managed to stand the test of time. CPanel has an active community that can help. you overcome any issue or difficulty that arises while using it. Another reason for the popularity and widespread use of cPanel is that it has a simple interface that can be easily understood by novice users. Its features are also suitable for professional use.

Access to cPanel

You can access the cPanel control panel using a web browser. The address of the panel will be given by LWS after the validation of your order. Port 2083 in the URL is the default listening port and allows you to connect to the cPanel control panel. Rather With the introduction of cPanel version 70, it is the ideal opportunity to discuss one of the most adaptable control panels available in the web hosting business. Take a minute to learn more about this.

What exactly is cPanel?

The Cpanel Hosting is the world’s most used control panel software. Consider it a comprehensive toolset that you (or your IT staff) may use to handle all elements of your website, database, and email services in one place. The Cpanel Web Hosting control panel replaces the need to deal with sophisticated programs from the “command line” with a user-friendly interface that can be accessed safely and immediately via your web browser.

What exactly is WHM?

The Cpanel Hosting is a web-based control panel that allows you to manage a single hosting account. Web Hosting Manager (WHM) will enable you to manage multiple cPanel accounts as well as basic system settings. It is an integral aspect of our web hosting packages, whether they are for resellers or dedicated servers. Where you will often have several websites, databases, and email accounts to manage and maintain. WHM is also where administrators will establish new hosting plans, modify current limitations, and oversee the general health of the server.

What are the benefits of cPanel / WHM hosting?

Now Cpanel Hosting is the industry-standard control panel for web hosting services. When it comes to managing your website and hosting account, it makes things simple. While also providing hundreds of essential features. The cPanel tool itself is controlled by a team of hundreds of developers that do regular upgrades to guarantee that the system is secure, performs well, and has a wide range of features to choose from. 

The fact that Cpanel Web Hosting standardizes key procedures, including backups and PHP settings, makes it simple to move accounts from one server to another and from one service provider to another without losing data. Perhaps most crucially, cPanel is an open platform that does not bind you to a certain vendor’s technology or tools; as a result, you are not restricted to their offerings. 

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Prestashop are just a few examples of the hundreds of various software. Rather Tools that can be installed with a few clicks, as are the tens of thousands of PHP-compatible open-source apps that are accessible for free on the internet. By opting for a Cpanel Web Hosting plan, you are prioritizing the dependability, functionality, and adaptability of your online presence. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many customers want cPanel as an important element of their hosting service.


What has changed in cPanel recently?

Updates are regular, with each release having dozens of enhancements to the previous version. If you take a brief look around, you’ll get a sense of the enhancements that cPanel is always making. Thanks to version 70 (which is likely to be published later in February), this security upgrade is for those of us who are a little more technologically advanced. It gives you the option of blocking or whitelisting visitors from certain countries. Rather This tool will assist security-conscious Cloud customers and Dedicated Server owners in mitigating potential. Dangerous activities emanate from locations in which they have no financial or other interest. AutoSSL: Version 68 introduces a new service that will have a big influence on web and reseller hosting environments. cPanel offers a free version of SSL, which is a security mechanism that safeguards interactions between visitors and website personnel. 


Onlive Server is an affordable, secure, and robust Reseller hosting solution that uses the latest technologies in cPanel hosting. Our platform is based on powerful and flexible. OpenStack architecture and has been proven in the most demanding high-availability environments in Italy. Onlive Server offers you all the benefits of a virtual environment: easy management, no hardware to purchase, upgrade or maintain energy savings; incredible cost reductions compared to traditional servers.