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Windows VPS Server Hosting –

Here, the best and cheap Windows VPS Hosting with root level access at all location. Onlive Server brings the best offer for Window VPS Server users. Therefore we have best windows VPS hosting for effortlessly upload multiple files, easily run various difficult tasks. Get Windows VPS Server hosting with too many features and low-cost price. Yes Onlive Server Company offers the best and cheapest Windows VPS Server more than 30 countries. This is the best opportunity for users, who really want to go with Windows VPS Hosting. Well, you know that how much Windows VPS Server is needy for operating system. So always care the best quality of Server Hosting. Here you get not only good Windows VPS Server but also you will get the cheapest price of Windows VPS Server Hosting. So, don’t delay to get this best Windows VPS Server offer.

We have mainly best Key Features:

  • Unlimited Window VPS Hosting space
  • Network Bandwidth
  • Unlimited databases
  • World Wide Data Centers
  • 99% server up-time
  • Whole customers support
  • Reboot, and re-installs server

We have the best plans for our Window VPS Server users. You can go our website and check so many plans as based with different countries.

Be assure about the features of our OS based Windows Server, because Onlive Server has the best features with World – Wide Data Centers facility. As we mention some features below. It is more essential to process at any time.

You will get through our Windows VPS Hosting plans like modern software solutions at very low price anywhere. It is fully manage by our professional experts. We also take all the data and restore it, for fully backups. It has many amazing features which is countless. It is grantee to have the best Windows For users’ OS.

  • Facilitates viewing server information
  • No Ports blocked
  • VPS control panel and instant root access to manage the VPS hosting and site.
  • Managed VPS

We have several plans of Linux VPS and Window VPS Server for many countries as well as many amazing suitable features. You can lookout our all plans as we mention in Onlive Server Website. We have instant Support through Our technical guider. Once a time, you can ask about server hosting with our team through Website, Phone-calls, and Whatsapp. We will Support you completely.

Onlive Server provides instantly support and guidance. Connect with us through website, call and many medium. THANK-YOU