Pick the India VPS through Onlive Server

If you are searching for the best VPS hosting provider in India. Onlive Server is a good choice for your Online business. We also provide you with amazing services and offer effective solutions that can help you manage your business better. Apart from If you want to use free domains or domains you already own and prefer not to pay a hefty price for web hosting, you can use good VPS hosting. It will help your business by offering easy management, flexibility, and all the other features necessary to run a successful website. Onlive Server is one such company that offers India VPS with free domains with special features to meet the growing needs of businesses to easily manage their sites and data.    

Know About India VPS Hosting

A VPS presents you with a large protected space to host your online company website and secure it easily for clients. You can easily get top-class resources with Cheap VPS Hosting India; you can build your own powerful organization without any extra effort. An India VPS server gives you complete flexibility to utilize the resource which you can upgrade and reduce them as per your needs.

It offers many features and services like Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited and Dedicated Resources, RAM, SSD, Ultra Fastest Speed, Huge Storage Capacity, Advanced Security, and much more. You will not experience any downtime issues while working with the VPS server. Because your provider will manage everything according to your needs.

How to choose the best VPS in India?

To be at the top position in today’s world is the dream of almost every business. To achieve such a position, you not only need to work hard but also need to work smartly. Smart work here means working in a way that makes your efforts worthwhile. If you think that your website is hosted on shared hosting then your opponents will give tough competition. So, you are absolutely wrong. With shared hosting, you cannot expect to see the results you want, moreover, you will lose the top spot from your competitors. To tackle your competition, you need a hosting solution that helps you get an edge over your competitors. One such web hosting solution is India VPS.

Then Onlive Server is the best VPS hosting provider in India. We offer the highest uptime, reliability, flexibility, advanced security, technical support, optimization of resources, and much more which will surely help your business grow faster and give tough time to your competitors. Like shared hosting, VPS hosting in India also provides a physical server machine to host multiple websites but the resources (RAM, CPU, bandwidth, storage) provided by it are dedicated to each user separately. Users cannot access each other’s server locations or resources.

Why choose Our India VPS plan?

customer support:

Generally, we provide 24/7 customer support. Unless you have support, you won’t be able to solve all technical problems with your website on your own. Thus, while choosing a VPS India plan, make sure that we also provide you with dedicated customer support.


The best VPS hosting India plan is the one that gives you scalability. Scalability saves your initial cost and gives you only the resources you need at the moment. So, if you have a small website, you can start with a basic plan. And when your website starts growing you can add more features or resources as per your website requirements.

Full Customization

If you are just starting out and cannot afford the high budget then you should choose the best Onlive Server India VPS provider that offers you easy customization. Apart from it, with customizability, you can create your own package and include the resources you need.


If you are living in India, make sure that the location you choose for your VPS server should be India only. This is because, if you choose the US instead of India, it will not only affect your website performance but also slow down your server speed.

Managed/Unmanaged VPS Hosting

With an unmanaged VPS hosting plan, your hosting provider will only do the initial installation for you, with the rest of the work on your shoulders. On the other hand, if you are a non-technician or have at least knowledge, you can better manage VPS hosting India. Managed web hosting capability that all technical troubles from set up to assist will be taken care of through your provider.

Key feautres of India VPS

  • VPS control panel
  • Fully Managed Services
  • IP latency low
  • KVM hypervisor
  • SSD storage
  • You can install windows server
  • You can choose any Linux Version like Centos Debian Ubuntu
  • Opensource centos
  • Web control panel and self-install
  • Self-Reboot restart system
  •  Full root access
  • Server Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Fully Customization
  • Free Technical Assist


Onlive Server is the most perfect hosting provider of India VPS. We provide unlimited resources to grow your business on the web. Onlive Server is the best VPS hosting platform that provides you with VPS servers with unlimited bandwidth after choosing a cheap VPS hosting India to host your business needs.