Googke Workspace

Google Workspace

We primarily recommend Google Workspace for customer that needs email hosting for their business. However, Google Workspace is more than just email. It also includes a variety of apps and benefits that can come in quite user-friendly. In fact, you’re apparently already using or are bosom with some of them. It’s also vital to make a note of the additional advantages in Google Workspace organization and Enterprise plans. If you’re a huge business and rely on email heavily, these can assist ease some of your worries. There are other promoters that are affordable, such as B. Zoho (more on comparison later). However, as we always recommend investing in managed WordPress hosting, your orgranization email is not one of those areas where you should save up. You can save money on the go with an email host you can rely on.

Google Workspace is based on the Google Cloud Platform, which allow the best level of security on the market. Trusted by some of the largest companies in the world; like HP, Verizon, Whirlpool, and Sales force. As Google puts it, they drive a “safety minded” mindset. They have industry-leading knowledge and skills to support each of their products, including Google Workspace. When it comes to availability, Google is one of the foremost when it comes to reliability. If you want to deepen the technical details, Google Workspace provides a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for covered services, even exceeded in recent years.

Cloud Search: Would you like to take advantage of Google Workspace’s search capabilities? You can use the Cloud Search benefits to search your company’s content in Google Workspace. From Gmail and Drive to docs, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars and many more.

Additional Features

Google Chat: Ever heard of Slack? Google Chat is basically Google’s new competing tool. It is a dedicated group workspace with 1: 1 chat and group chat. You can make conversations better organized by interacting directly with deeply integrated Google bots and third-party apps.

Google Meet: We ourselves prefer Zoom or Slack video chat here at Kinsta, but Google Meet still makes video calls and conferencing in a snap. Meet is fully integrated with Google Workspace so you can join meetings directly from a calendar appointment or an email invitation. If you are using the enterprise version of Google Workspace, you can also use access numbers when you are on the go or possibly without internet access.

Google Forms: Most of you have probably already filled out a Google form. While we prefer to use other applications for this, preferably branded forms on our WordPress site, this can be an incredibly quick and easy way to gather information.

Google Slides: Do you want a decent Microsoft PowerPoint alternative? Google Slides is just that. Just like their other products, you can take benefits of their real-time collaboration and commenting, as well as unlimited version history.

Google Sites: We don’t recommend using Google Sites as WordPress is much superior for that. Find out why you should be using WordPress.