Linux  Shared Hosting

Linux Shared Hosting is an outstandingly monetarily clever, simple to utilize a variety of web facilitating that can set up the structure for your business on the web. It is an awesome all-rounder for any business that is hoping to go online with their first site.

Linux Shared Hosting is best for fundamental individual destinations, similar to websites, and for new businesses. You don’t get a wealth of components, ironclad security, or very fast stacking speeds, but by then again, you don’t really need all that. VPS hosting is a move forward, and ideal for private ventures, online Stores, and enormous individual locales.

For the most part, shared hosting is for static sites at the end of the day, sites with a fixed substance that doesn’t change, regardless of who visits it. Shared Hosting is best for fundamental individual locales, similar to websites, and for new companies, or Ultra-quick stacking speeds, however at that point once more, you don’t actually require all that.

Onlive Server is the greatest Linux-based Server Hosting Provider organization. According to your necessities, we can offer you Web Hosting with an information base of your decision. We are presenting a time Guarantee of 99.9% and many extra applications. Our Cheapest Linux Web Hosting is great for little and medium businesses. We additionally offer SSD site servers as they are great for organizations. who need to transfer various sites.

Linux Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting: P’s and C’s

While Linux Shared hosting is the most affordable choice, VPS Hosting can likewise offer an extraordinary incentive for cash – the stunt is realizing which kind of hosting you’ll require. Most fledgling and individual sites will be more than arranged with the elements of shared hosting. In any case, assuming you’re setting up an internet-based store or a webpage that is probably going to grow out of those essential decorations, then, at that point, you’ll need to move up to the more adaptable and customized contributions of VPS hosting.

Linux Shared Hosting Pros

  • This is the inexpensive type of hosting.
  • It is intended for beginners and also for experts.
  • Amazing performance on static and low-traffic sites.

Linux Shared Hosting Cons

  • It doesn’t have its dedicated resources. 
  • More immense security risks
  • Sites you share a server with, will prevail your performance.

VPS Hosting Pros

  • Grievous Value for money
  • Enhanced Justifiable Control
  • Amazing and flexible plans that grow with your website

VPS Hosting Cons

  • Insignificantly more costly than shared hosting
  • It is important to have fundamental specialized information
  • You should have a fluffy thought of how much storage and bandwidth capacity you need.

RESOURCE Allotment

Everybody needs specific assets. Your versatile arrangement, for instance, accompanies a put forth line on calls, texts, and information. Hosting is something very similar, with the exception of the assets are things like extra room and memory.

VPS hosting is less restricted. You’ll likewise get root access over the server climate, which fundamentally implies you can introduce the additional products and alter any document on the server.

Safety Measures for Linux Shared Hosting

We’d prefer to begin by saying that, generally, shared hosting is extremely protected. Suppliers do a great deal of work around their security, however, there are no assurances. This, once more, is down to different locales you share a server with.

In case one site commits an error and has a security break, each site on that server is then defenseless. You can lock your room, yet assuming that one of your housemates leaves the front entryway open, you’re currently in danger!


You can have every one of the assets and security on the planet, however, what your guests truly care about is the means by which easily your site runs. Things like the measure of transmission capacity you get will shift from one arrangement to another, while uptime is distinctive relying upon the supplier you pick.

The research proposes that almost 50% of all web clients expect site pages to stack in two seconds or less. Considering that, you’ll need to be on an arrangement that can deal with bigger floods of traffic, without thinking twice about stacking speeds.

Configuration & Customization in Linux Shared Hosting

Your Hosting’s design is generally dealt with for you. On shared hosting plans, design is totally arranged by your supplier, which means you can continue ahead with more significant things.

With regards to customization, there is a reasonable contrast between the two hosting types. To clarify, we should utilize your portable arrangement as another model. While shared hosting has drawn certain lines which you can’t surpass, similar to call minutes and measure of information, VPS hosting allows you to tweak your arrangement, so you can modify your cutoff points on a month-to-month premise.


The method for taking a gander at shared hosting v/s VPS hosting is to choose what your desires are. Assuming you own a little site that just gets two or three hundred guests each week, and you don’t anticipate increasing excessively, shared hosting is awesome.

Linux Shared Hosting can develop with you; in case you’re a private venture, paying several bucks extra a month at this stage gives you that elbowroom. Of course, residing in a common house is fine on the off chance that it’s simply you, however when you get an accomplice, things can get somewhat confined!

Linux Shared Hosting with Free cPanel

All Linux Shared Hosting Plans accompany cPanel, to make hosting simply for everybody. Setting-up addon areas, Emails, FTP, and Databases is helpful with our FREE cPanel.