UK VPS Server


Onlive Server provides UK VPS Hosting with high bandwidth and excellent performance. All your difficulties are solved with high bandwidth facilities that manage hosting easily and increase traffic. Don’t wait now choose Onlive Server’s UK VPS Server Hosting for your success.

What are the advantages of a UK VPS Hosting Plan?

Businesses and consumers who use UK servers usually have one key advantage: they can benefit from fewer international data transfer fees, as most business-grade internet connections travel through the UK. A UK VPS will also offer easier access to online content not available elsewhere, such as British TV channels and IPTV technology. With Onlive Server, you’ll enjoy a 99.99% up-time guarantee — plus free 24/7 support, unlimited FTP storage space, and low monthly pricing!

Reason to Buy UK VPS Server From Onlive Server

When you want a server that is reliable and fast you need to turn to OnLive Server Hosting. This provider is one of the best in the UK and their prices are very competitive. They provide secure virtual server hosting that is ideal for startups or businesses that need their own private servers but does not want to spend a fortune on them from the outset.

24/7 Technical Support

Our UK VPS Server Hosting (Virtual Private Server) network is hosted in a state-of-the-art UK data center based in London. We have a large selection of CPUs to choose from, so you can select the level of resources that are ideal for your business. All of our servers are fully managed 24/7 by our technical team to ensure you get the maximum uptime and performance for your company.

To grow your internet business, choose UK VPS Server Plans

Onlive Server Company is a top website hosting and server provider organization around different countries to clients. Our main goal is to become the best hosting service provider for the achievement of our customers. We give you a low-cost Dedicated Server with easy functionality. Through the help of our technology and infrastructure. You can be able to grow up your online business in Singapore as well as other worldwide web hosting locations. We also offer some different features and other services as well such as Onlive Server’s Windows VPS Server Hosting unlimited bandwidth, high storage capacity, SSD storage, technical support, etc.
A UK VPS Server is a one-of-a-kind hosting service that lends a powerful and personalized service to the client. There are many types of dedicated hosting plans available like Linux and Windows.


OnLive Servers are a high spec Cheap UK VPS Server Hosting with excellent prices and service. At OnLive Servers we offer a wide range of high-quality hosting services at unbeatable prices! Our UK VPS Servers support lots of applications like the most running servers at a low cost. Our servers are reliable, and energy-efficient with a fast network connection. We have everything from AntiDDOS Web Services to Managed Dedicated Server Hosting. Dedicated IP uploads and File Manager Accounts, PGP Encryption Services, and much more! Don’t wait Purchase UK VPS Server hosting at just $11.


Onlive Server offers comprehensive server solutions tailored to your individual and business needs. You will be able to sit back and relax while we provide the most reliable and professional VPS solutions in the UK. Let us support your business today!