Windows VPS Server

Every online business needs a different level of web hosting services. If you anticipate the rapid growth of your web business or your established business has outgrown its hosting and you have budget constraints, Windows VPS is the ideal web hosting solution for you. In a short span of time, virtual private server hosting has gained immense popularity in the industry because of its ability to provide high-grade hosting benefits at the most affordable pricing. 

Dividing the physical server through ‘Hypervisor’ into virtual compartments is what forms the virtual private servers. Each Europe VPS server functions autonomously and does not impact the functioning or interfere with other VPSs. It provides an independent, private, and isolated web hosting environment. Also, it comes with web resources that solely operate for your website and are not shared with other websites. Thus, you acquire much more stability, predictability, and scalability in the virtualized server environment than in the shared hosting platform.

The most important choice you need to make while acquiring the best Windows VPS Server in Europe is to opt for the most compatible operating system that will run at your server’s base. The two most prevalent and popular operating systems one can have are – Linux and Windows. For the maximum percentage of users, the Linux operating system works perfectly well. Hop to the sections below right away to find out how Linux VPS Europe works in most cases.

Brief of VPS Linux Server and VPS Windows Server:

Virtual private server hosting helps to bridge the huge gap between shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting. It enables you to acquire the privileges of the dedicated server hosting environment within the shared server hosting. With VPS hosting, you can save the cost of buying the entire server to obtain the benefits of the dedicated platform and web resources. It can be broadly categorized into two different types based on the operating system employed –

Windows VPS Server:

Windows VPS hosting in Europe is the web hosting service that has the Windows operating system at its base and counts on Microsoft solutions for database as well as website management tools. It lets you employ a user-friendly Plesk control panel to manage your virtual private server effectively and easily.

Linux VPS Server:

Linux VPS hosting in Europe is a web hosting service that has a Linux operating system at its base and counts on open-source database platforms as well as web development tools. It lets you employ a user-friendly cPanel control panel to manage your virtual private server effectively and easily.

Furthermore, here are some of the privileges and advantages that you acquire with them because of the virtualization technology utilized –

Unique IP address:

The virtual private server enables your website to acquire a unique IP address, also known as a dedicated IP address. This helps your website not to get blacklisted by search engines for the unacceptable activities of other websites.

Root Access:

You can acquire the root control of your European VPS. This lets you obtain the freedom to configure, manage, operate, and customize your server in the best way possible for your website.

High Availability of resources

Unlike shared server hosting, virtual private server hosting renders dedicated resources that can not be taken away by other VPSs or websites at any point in time. Moreover, you get the possibility to scale them up or down as per the necessities of your website.

Highest Uptime:

With the high availability of resources, secure hosting environment, and dedicated IP address, your website gets the opportunity to get the highest possible uptime and least downtime. This further lets your website attain a better SEO ranking and enhanced website visitor ratio.

Which OS Linux or Windows is Best for Your Europe VPS Server?

Linux VPS Hosting is majorly the priority of small and medium businesses over Windows VPS hosting. Whereas VPS hosting with Windows is generally preferred by larger enterprises with sky-high IT budgets and a proficient team of engineers for running their websites. To know the reason behind this, go through the comparison done below between Windows VPS and Linux VPS Europe based on some factors.


When it comes to the performance aspect, both Linux VPS and Windows VPS provide robust and optimal performance. Moreover, you can expect Linux OS to support the performance of even many Windows-based applications. However, Windows does not enable the much efficient performance for Linux-based applications.


Linux, being an open-source operating system, is free to employ. However, you need to purchase a license for running Windows systems. Thus, the web hosting plans of Europe VPS with Linux are much cheaper than the Windows OS.


They provide more flexibility compared to Windows VPS Hosting in Europe. This is because Linux enables you to append processing resources easier and at the cheapest costs. Also, it supports more options when it comes to picking CMS and website management tools.

Data Security:

Both operating systems render advanced data security measures. But you can encounter more frequent attacks on Windows OS even after Microsoft attempts to keep robust data security. On the other side, there is enterprise-level security and a huge user community behind Linux. The community consists of dedicated software engineers who consistently operate to preserve the operating system’s security features and quickly resolve problems as soon as detected.

Ease of Use:

Both operating systems require a certain level of technical expertise. However, in the beginning, Windows OS does not need you to possess much technical knowledge. It comes with GUI (Graphical-User Interface) that makes you easily familiar with how you should access it. Further, in the later stages, when your website advances and multimedia applications expand, you can be required to have some technical expertise.


After going through this article, you can know how to choose the best and most reliable web host for your website. You just need to keep all the above-mentioned features in your mind while choosing a web host. It will help reach the right web host like Europe Server Hosting, ensuring all these high-tech services and enterprise-grade features configure your server easily and quickly.

Europe Server Hosting is one such industry-leading data center renowned for providing the best and cheapest Windows VPS Server in Europe with Linux as well as Windows. It offers hyper-scale hosting facilities and cutting-edge technologies to enable your website to deliver seamless end-user performance.