Canada Dedicated Server

Onlive Server provides an affordable Canada Dedicated Server with a variety of configurable features. Famous hosting company Onlive Server offers 100% dedicated and virtual private servers for any business requirements. We provide a variety of virtual servers.

We promise 99% uptime for our customers and offer help around the clock. Our Canada Dedicated server is equipped with hardware that increases its dependability and security. High network bandwidth, low latency connectivity, and comprehensive documentation are all standard on all of our servers.

What is a Virtual Private Server

Here you can utilize a virtual private server as computer equipment for your company. Although it is located in a virtual environment, it has the same capabilities and power as a typical physical server. This implies that the operating system, programs, software, and hardware are entirely in your control. This gives you the option to pick and select whatever Dedicated components you want to install. It’s possible that you won’t need any or even any of them! For instance, you may install a WordPress site on your Dedicated without having to pay the associated monthly hosting price.

Also, you can select a service based on your demands and financial constraints. But our Cheap Dedicated providers can be found in Canada Dedicated servers are available from our company at the most competitive price with various configurable features.

Canada Dedicated Server characteristics include:

–  The server is situated in Canada and has access to top-notch hardware and technical support.

–  Servers come with strong dual Xeon CPUs and RAM.

–  Every server has a root password that enables unrestricted software installation.

–  All server are secure by cutting-edge firewalls, giving you the ability to manage the resources and access available to your PC.

–  On a single hosting account, you can establish up to three virtual private servers with various configurations.

Benefits of a Canada Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Canada Dedicated Server is a very effective and economical way to host your projects in the cloud. For companies, developers, or individuals who want their websites or applications hosted for free, cloud hosting is perfect. As it will address all technical concerns, it is also the ideal option to set up your website on the Internet.

2. One virtual private server can host several websites (Dedicated). In this scenario, every website will have its own dedicated hosting space on the physical hardware device you rent from us. If more RAM, CPU, or storage space need, you can upgrade your rental payment to reflect this. 

High-quality SSD Driver:

A top-notch SSD driver includes with each server. This driver is made to boost the speed of your HDD so that it can support the speed of your SSD. We give you the greatest stability and performance.

Huge Storage Space

We host on SSD drives, giving you access to more storage than competing Dedicated Hosting companies. More storage capacity is already pre-installed on our servers, which is available to customers at no additional cost.

Control Panel Access:

You may administer your server using a web-based interface called the Control Panel. But you can access every part of your server using the same username and password as the “root” user. Here our business offers a user-friendly control panel with a wide range of options and features that may be customized to meet your needs.


·  All the information you require to administer your Dedicated server is readily accessible through the management panel, which has been built to do so. Many features are available, including:

· Change your server’s IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway in the network settings.

· The size of your hard discs, limit the size of partitions or turn off storage settings completely.

· See information on the hardware components of your system, such as the server’s installed RAM and CPU speed. Detailed statistics on the amount of space consumed by each program running on it are also available (including web browsers).

Ultimate Security & Privacy:

The ideal approach to run your website, application, or service on a high-performance Dedicated server. For our servers, we only employ top-tier hardware that is regularly updated. But you may operate your server more quickly thanks to our high-speed SSD.

Many security precautions that we offer with our hosting shield your information from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. With our virtual private servers, we employ industry-standard encryption and have numerous security measures in place to thwart hackers. Each client receives their own IP address thanks to our dedicated IP addresses, ensuring that no one else may access the server while it is active. This stops any potential information leaks or hacking attempts by other network users.


But you can utilize all the functions of your server at any time, and it is completely controlled. Depending on your demands, you can select from a variety of servers. In the end, Onlive Server provides Canada’s top dedicated server. Based on performance, security, and cost, our specialists have chosen the top Dedicated Servers for you. Our team of professionals will assist you in selecting the best and Cheap Dedicated Server for your company’s requirements.