Canada Dedicated Server

What is a dedicated server in Canada?

Dedicated hosting is used to host apps or websites that need their server. Most of the time, a Canada Dedicated Server has more resources than a virtualization hosting, so your application or website will run faster. With VPS hosting plans, you can add and remove software, install updates, and change any setting. This lets you get the most out of your dedicated servers, which often cost the same as VPS hosting plans.

A hosting service for a dedicated server is a service that a person or business offers to other businesses and people. Large websites often use dedicated servers because they guarantee that the site will always be available on dedicated hardware, making them more reliable than virtual hosting solutions.

What’s the deal with Canada Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server hosting plan with unlimited space can help you get a lot of your money back. You can build, simplify, and change it to fit your needs.

You will add simple things that make your website more useful and easier to use.


Mistake-Correcting Code RAM is more reliable because it has good tools that stop data databases and recover from mistakes.

Chips in computers

Server CPUs have a lot of centres, up to sixty-four centres for AMD Epyc and up to forty-eight centres for Intel Xeons. If your software doesn’t need this many resources, you can usually get a dedicated worker with fewer resources.

SSDs (or HDDs)

SSD storage works better than hard drives (read and write speeds are faster), but it also costs more.

Advantages of a dedicated server

Here are some of the best things about Dedicated Hosting.

The performance of your website gets better.

They are more dependable.

A unique IP address is given to them

Power and Control of the Admin

Freedom to make changes

Be flexible so you can improve.

Fewer Overheads For Server Equipment

Why should you get dedicated server hosting from Onlive Server?

Onlive Server is a company that hosts dedicated servers. We have cheap dedicated servers that are of good quality. A dedicated server is a type of web hosting that makes it possible for websites to be hosted on the Internet. No one else uses the server except you. This means that you have full access to all resources and can decide how much bandwidth and other resources each site gets.

Using a dedicated server instead of shared web hosting gives you more control over your website’s environment, such as the operating system and how the hardware is set up. You don’t have to change these things yourself if you need to. Many small business owners don’t realize how important it is for their business to have a dedicated server hosting solution.

The truth is that most small businesses won’t be able to handle a lot of customers or need a lot of storage space.

This means you need to look at a Best Cheap VPS hosting plan, which can easily become very expensive and may not even give you enough storage space for your needs. When you host your site on a dedicated server, you have full control.


Most businesses can get by just fine with a server that is shared. On the other hand, dedicated servers might be better if you want something faster and safer. A Canada dedicated server gives your business access to a whole computer where you can store data without sharing space with other users. With more control over your web presence, your site will be faster and safer. Any serious business should think about the most important features when upgrading hardware. A dedicated server comes with many resources and a server with the best performance. Onlive Server has a dedicated server that you can buy for a price that fits your needs.