Windows VPS Hosting

With Windows VPS hosting, you can improve your web performance and scale your website. The most important thing about Israel VPS Server Hosting.

Windows VPS Hosting

 Israel Server offers the best server options at competitive prices to meet all business needs. Besides that, it also gives you better access to the server. With convenient VPS systems, you can better control the equipment. Our team of hosting service providers creates an exceptional virtual environment in which you can install software and applications that support Windows and Linux operating systems. Another important thing about our system is that it gives you an effective control panel. We are competent to service providers who understand your needs and your business. By understanding it, we can develop the server platform based on your needs. We provide Windows VPS Hosting solutions in Israel especially for business areas, regardless of their size.

Windows VPS Server Plan

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
Israel VPS Custom 1 1 GB30 GB SSDUnlimited1Ashdod, Israel$25.00
Israel VPS X 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1Ashdod, Israel$25.00
Israel VPS Y 22 GB60 GB SSD2 TB1Ashdod, Israel$47.00
Israel VPS Z 44 GB120 GB SSD4 TB1Ashdod, Israel$91.00

Specialized features of our servers

Our service provider covers both large entities and SMEs, helping them optimize their business performance. With effective hosting solutions, you can work better, faster, and smarter. Our specialized solutions have many unique features listed below.

These are unique features of our Israel-based Windows VPS Hosting solutions designed to offer users a wonderful experience. We make sure your company website doesn’t go down. Our VPS systems also perform various tasks optimally with full network availability. If you choose our VPS systems, you don’t have to worry about the configuration. Since we immediately configure the new services, you can start quickly.

Benefits of effective systems Maintain important applications running High availability and high-performance servers Better control panel support Superior and faster memory Scalable and fast resources with dedicated CPU Support for multiple domains

Ans. Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a type of hosting service that allows users to run a Windows operating system on a virtualized environment, rather than on a physical server. This allows users to have full control over their own virtualized environment, while still sharing a host server with other users.

Ans. There are several benefits to using Windows VPS hosting, including:

Flexibility: Users can customize their virtualized environment to meet their specific needs and requirements.
Isolation: Each VPS is isolated from the other VPS on the same server, which provides added security.
Scalability: Windows VPS hosting allows users to easily scale their resources as their needs change.
Cost-effectiveness: Windows VPS hosting is often more cost-effective than dedicated hosting or running a physical server.

Ans. To run a Windows VPS, users will typically need:

  • A Windows operating system license
  • A VPS hosting plan from a hosting provider
  • Remote desktop software (such as Remote Desktop Connection) to connect to the VPS
  • Administrator-level access to the server

Ans. Yes, you can run a website on a Windows VPS. You will need to install and configure web server software, such as IIS (Internet Information Services), and a database server, such as MS SQL server, in order to run your website on the VPS.

Ans. Yes, you can run multiple websites on a single Windows VPS by configuring multiple websites in IIS and using a single IP for all the websites.

Ans. Windows VPS can be use for gaming or streaming but it depends on the spec of the VPS, it will require a high spec and bandwith which may be costly. It is always best to consult the provider first before subscribing.


  • Remote desktop access
  • Administrator-level access
  • Windows operating system
  • Scalable resources
  • Isolation from other VPS on the same server
  • Availability of web server software (such as IIS) and database server software (such as MS SQL)

Ans. You can manage your Windows VPS using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) which is a built-in tool in windows. You can also use other remote management tools to manage your VPS.