UK VPS Server Hosting

UK based Cheap VPS Server Hosting has gained the reputation among online business owners. But why is it so? What makes UK VPS Server better than shared and dedicated hosting packages?

Shared Server Hosting

Shared server hosting plans come with certain limitations. The users of these hosting packages need to share server bandwidth and space with the other users. This might work perfectly well for the smaller websites but not for the large websites with huge traffic. For newbies looking to host blog sites, shared hosting would be the best option. This is because newbies can easily learn the basic of the web server hosting and get a clear idea of cPanel and various other managing alternatives. However, when it comes to business websites, shared servers might not be able to handle traffic and the response time of the website might also increase resulting in a loss of visitors. This can cause a major blow on the returns on investment of a business.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are perfect for large websites that witness a huge amount of traffic. Dedicated hosting involves the entire server being available for just one site. Thus, the hosted site has more bandwidth and space, however, it is to be noted that the bandwidth is not unlimited and after it reaches a certain usage level, it might crash and the host might not allow more bandwidth to be availed with the same package. Majority of the hosting providers call it fair usage policy. This is an expensive package that might cause a lot of trouble especially when the traffic on the website is at its peak. Thus, it can be concluded that dedicated servers do not come with the guarantee of efficient traffic control and 100% uptime.

Cheapest VPS Server Hosting

Coming to Cheap VPS Server server, what really makes this hosting solution special is the fact that it involves having a very huge physical server that is shared with other virtual servers but the environment for all the hosted websites is completely private. Our UK VPS servers act as both dedicated and shared servers because they have the potential of creating a virtual dedicated server. Due to the fact that Cheap VPS server hosting work in a virtual environment, they have the flexibility of expanding themselves. UK VPS servers also come with the ability to use the resources of a physical server as and when required.

People with large websites should always go for cheap VPS server hosting. Yes, it is a bit expensive in comparison to shared servers but more affordable than a dedicated server.