Domain Name Registration Sites

What are the unique domain registrars that are famous for domain registration?

Domain name registration sites are the primary factor of a website. Without a domain name, no one can recognize your website on the internet. Thus, a domain name is the identity of a website. Initially, an IP address is a primary factor of a website, but web visitors can’t remember the IP address of all websites on the internet. Therefore, domain name search on the domain registrar website is a vital task for the domain registrants. Domain registrant prefers to use the short domain name for a website because it is easy to remember.

Interesting facts about domain name

  1. A domain name is an identity of a website that the internet service provider controls. 
  2. A domain name identifies a network domain and represents the internet protocol or IP. 
  3. 3. Till 2017, 330 domain names are registered through various domain registrars around the globe. 
  4. Domain name system or DNS forms the domain rules and regulation process for domain registration. Domain registrants should Check Domain Name Online process from the DNS of the domain registrar.
  5. Top-level domains or TLDs includes .com, .org, .net, .edu, and .info. Generic top-level domains or gTLDs are also available on the website of domain registrars. 
  6. A domain name should be easy and short for the benefit of end-users.

What is domain name space?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN controls the development and architecture of the top-level domain namespace. ICANN permits the domain registrar for domain registration of the various website. DNS root zone includes the essential information regarding the domain registrants’ personal information. Each domain has its specific domain namespace on the internet. TLDs, ccTLDs, and gTLD have unique domain name registration site processes. ICANN provides specific domain security to all domain registrants.

The technical part of domain registration

Domain registrants can check the website Domain Name Registration Sites process on the domain registrar website. but it has some technical process such as follows-

  1. The domain registrant has to contact an administrator to manage the domain name. The administrator is responsible for managing the domain registrants’ names, numbers, and addresses. In addition, the administrator may ask for a few special pieces of information for domain registration.
  2. The technical part of the domain registrar manages the domain server. It can give the assurance of domain registry, configuring the domain network, maintaining the domain zone, and continuing the domain name’s function.
  3. Domain registrars provide the name server facility to the domain registrants for more than one domain to function properly.
Unique domain registrars for safe domain registration

Domain name search on the domain registrar website is a vital task for the domain registrants, but excellent domain registrars have unique domain name facilities such as an online server. But some excellent domain registrars are as follows-

Onlive Server – This domain registrar has started its operation in 2000. This domain registrar helps you to register your domain with a top-level domain name at a reasonable price.

  1. The domain search tool of this registrar can help its users significantly.
  2. Users can get unique domain protection and privacy policy after getting registration from this company.
  3. This company follows the WHOIS privacy policy.
  4. For the 1st time-domain registrant, this company offers a 25% discount on domain registration fees.

Francecloudserver – It is among the biggest web hosting companies in the world. This company is also an official WordPress hosting partner. This company provides free domain registration with the hosting web service. You have to check the domain availability of this company while selecting the hosting web service. This company’s initial web hosting package starts from $ 2/ month with a free SSL certificate.

Onlive Infotech – It is another large domain registration company with more than 7 million domain registrants. One can register the domain name as per their choice from the huge variety of domain names. Online marketing, SEO service, IT support, website making, and web hosting are the popular services of this domain registrar.

 Spainservers – It is one of the best domain registrar platforms where you could check domain names online. and multiple domain customers. This company offers a huge variety of domain names for its users. To check domain availability, users should visit the official website of this company. 

  1. This company offers a competitive domain registration price; users can get a discount for the first year of domain registration.
  2. Users can easily transfer the domain name, update the domain information, change the domain name server, and other domain setting easily with the help of the technical support of this company.

Japancloudservers – It is a popular domain registrar and web hosting service provider. This company offers free domain registration with its shared hosting service. This company offers free private domain registration at $ 8.99/year if you do not need the web hosting facility. The unique domain management system is the unique part of this domain registrar.

Usaserverhosting – If you want a domain registrar for all technical supports, then “USA Server Hosting” is for you. If you order more than 50 domain name registration sites at a time, you can get a huge discount. Users can get a free WHOIS privacy policy with each domain name purchase. 

  1. Email and domain forwarding facility
  2. Domain defender protection
  3. Users can get a domain lock facility
  4. Free domain portfolio management

These are the unique types of domain registrars that offer different domain registration process at a reasonable price and technical support for their user’s ultimate benefits.